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Games / Entertainment a must-have list (quite exhaustive) of games available under Linux
Radios on internet with streamtuner [fr] vegastrike game (version 0.4.1D : soon a newer version) apprendre l'anglais (et aussi espagnol voire allemand ou maths)

Mandrake in order to obtain support from experts latest opened incidents my incidents sorted by state more info provided cooker mirrors

GNU/Linux vs Rest of the World (ROTW)

AttentionLesChevilles That's apache ;-) That's BSD OS and Free BSD again BSD OS and some linux first step : invade windoze ;-) with Winlibre windoze arguments ;-)) NT => 2003 AS or Open Source ?! TCO / REJ [fr] windoze's strength and weaknesses [fr] Microsoft FUD Machine Aims at TCO [fr] Linux le cauchemar de Bill Gates 26/02/2004 [en] + links to current trend for linux adoption
slashdot thread about pwc proprietary driver & GPL [fr] debian will not include non-free in testing and unstable [fr] migrating 8000 desktops [fr] result of the study [fr] BSOD exists and has impacts [fr] Free as a free beer, hum requires some corrections [fr] ? change of number [en] ibm views on patents & open-source distribution (to be reread) [fr] terminal server TCO vs VNC [en] some banners [en] insidious (?) analysis of Linux community strength (and one weakness) [en] OpenBSD strengths identified by Theo de Raadt (no troll inside, factual, security oriented + lint/bug chasing) [fr] hum, not that far from reality [fr] translations available, flaws of windows XP (quite impartial) [en] comparison of Framemaker / MS Word / OOo Writer

Techno Linux [en] stay informed (many) thanks to ladislav for so many distribution survey Mandrake reviews [fr] & [en] [en] high availability is possible with linux [en] Linux Enterprise 3.0 or a description of an Enterprise distribution [fr] links for Linux [en] well : humor (quite biased ;-) ) Open forums KDE vs Gnome is all about diversity by Gaël Duval [fr|en] clusters linux pour calculs MCD / MPD design tool (for database)

Methodology [fr] development follow a development cycle in V, sometimes W, sometimes @ ;-) [fr] manage projects "à la rache" :-) [fr] as you get a tip... [fr] project planning (gantt, P.E.R.T, ...) ortografe et gramère ;-) [fr|en|es] meta-dictionnaire, un dictionnaire de définitions, synonymes et traductions [fr] dictionnaire un peu particulier... Atlas Sémantiques la théorie derrière... [fr] ask smart questions in order to obtain an answer (un peu geek ou hacker mais si vrai) [en] keep your customer happy with your support

Miscelleanous [fr] reference your site + tags [fr] Web structure [fr] alternatives de moteurs de recherche [en] mailing-list good management


Various subjects [en] billing internet services / comparision with transport [en] many other interesting articles infrastructrure monitoring (system and network) : linux products (nagios...) [en] software tests for web performances [fr] discussion about Free licences [fr|en] Maths articles (in ps and pdf) [fr] nmap not for SCO (+ GPL + videos) [en] remote command for opening garage, jurisprudence [fr] trafic réseau Nerim + répartition + bittorrent [fr] private copy legal ? [en] The Economics of Software [en] DRM are bad

References [fr] quoted on wikipedia ! ;-)

Techno web [en] like w3blacklist [en] internationalization
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